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The Writer’s Television is Indie TV. One and Only. Streaming Student Independent Films and Independent Sitcoms 24/7. We Are The Dreamer’s Station.

Great TV anywhere, anytime.


  The Writer's Television has expanded its YouTube Channel and is NOW available to download on Roku, Fire Stick, Apple TV, Android TV, iPhones, and Androids. 

When the YouTube Channel was designed, we had all intentions of only promoting Authors in hopes of them finding success. However, after a year on YouTube, The Writer's Television went in, an entirely different direction and is NOW streaming its own Television platform opened as a portal for ALL Creators.

The Writer's Television believes when you give, you get back 10 times fold. 

    This Platform is made available for Authors Interviews, Comedians, Poets, Theatre Shows and all unknown Independent Filmmakers by allowing FREE TV streaming

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to gain exposure without ever giving up rights.

   At this time, our station is completely commercial revenue and so there is no fee.  Soon the station will offer a Special Event and a Subscription Channel that will stream new and current movies. 

   Is this why we are different from all the others? Yes. We are the first ever, the one and only station that offers Writers, Comedians, Poets, Theatre Professionals and all unknown Film Creators an opportunity to stream anytime they want, on channels designed specifically  for each craft.  

We are giving others the Chance To Shine.  We stand alone. The Only station that makes Dreams Come True.

You can find our app on your Roku and FireStick by going to the Streaming Channel or the Search bar and type in: The Writers Television

At that time, you can ADD to your TV or Desktop. 

For Apple TV, Android TV, iPhone and Android app download TheWritersTelevision 

ALL ONE WORD exactly as it's displayed here, from the Play Store.


For All those seeking to download Poetry Videos and Short and Full Length Films, Please use drop box to download. Copy and Paste in search bar. 

Independent films

Poetry Videos


For additional information on receiving wavier, Please email 

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"Know who you are and give yourself as a gift to the world"